Tradition on tour – Scharf Omnibus & Reisebüro OHG

Since the founding of the private family-run business in 1930 by Josef Scharf, Scharf stands for everything which has to do with travel and mobility. Without exception, high quality, always with reliable and good service is our commitment. Because not only does our passion for mobility reflect the fond Scharf family and corporate tradition. For generations, the Scharf name also has stood for the living commitment to consistently excellent service, far beyond the borders of the district of Erding in all of Upper Bavaria.

The beginning - travelling by bus

The beginning was both difficult and heavy-laden. Josef Scharf did the first cargo transports before the war in a lorry with a wooden trailer. The so-called "Zeiserlwagen" (carriage) was loaded with bales of straw on the weekends and used for passenger transport during the week. After the war, passenger transport was expanded - even as the luggage bins were initially loaded with hens and eggs for the Viktualien market in Munich and other surrounding markets. In the meantime, the children and grandchildren of founder Josef Scharf manage the steadily growing bus company with school bus services, scheduled public transport serves, rental buses, tourism, oldtimer buses, event bus/party buses, travel agents, master vehicle repair garage and apprenticeships for the professions of office management, travel agents and mechatronics technicians.

The Scharf fleet today includes around 50 modern omnibuses from 5 to 81 seats with a wide spectrum of uses, such as limousines, minibuses, midibuses, low-floor public buses, school buses, standard tour buses, long-distance buses, double-decker long-distance buses, oldtimer buses, party buses and even business conference buses.Scharf-fleet today.

The future - at home all around the world

In 1992, Scharf opened the door to a new world and passion for worldwide mobility. With the opening of Airport in Erdinger Moos, they initially laid the foundation of their travel agency with a travel counter. In the meantime, ten experienced travel experts have accompanied innumerable satisfied customers in booking their holidays in flights across the globe at the Scharf travel agency in Erding in Lange Zeile, in Aufhausen and in Sempt Park.

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