Charter buses - rent a modern bus

Whether it be a club excursion, school trip, office outing, cruise, day trip or holiday group tour - you can rent our exclusive modern and comfortable tour buses including a bus chauffeur. You can rent them as shuttles, trade fair shuttles, as part of our incoming limousine service or as rental vehicles. We just need to know the number of passengers and the destination of the bus trip - we take care of the rest with our reliability and experience. We would be happy to put together an individualised package with selected hotels and excursion options and book all necessary entry tickets, rest points or city tours - so you don't lose time and enjoy the ride from the very beginning.

Reaching every destination safely and reliably

All of our tour buses are checked regularly and adhere to all modern security standards
And with our experienced bus drivers, whose driver qualifications are regularly checked and who attend training seminars to maintain their skills, you are always in the best of hands.

By the way:
our bus drivers have received many awards for accident-free driving from the IRU (International Road Union), the LBO (Bavarian State Bus Operators' Association) and the regional traffic police. 

Comfortable and inexpensive group travel

Bus tours in a Scharf bus are not only celebrated because of their safety - renting a bus is always an inexpensive alternative for great group experiences, bus transfers to trade fairs and conferences or shuttles. And no matter whether you are going for a day trip or a tour of several days - comfortable standards such as air conditioning, refrigerators, 220V electrical outlets, sky lights, Wi-Fi, DVD players with screens and a WC with washroom are always available to you.

our Tip:
Rent our nostalgic vintage bus for your club excursion or celebrate with all the frills in and around our party bus with beer on tap!

Vintage buses




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